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HBM4EU logoWe are surrounded by numerous chemicals in our everyday items, the furnishings of our indoor spaces, the food we consume and even in the air we breathe that can be harmful to our health. These chemicals are usually present in small amounts and can primarily cause adverse health effects in the long term. With care we can reduce the amount of these chemicals that enter our body. The aim of human biomonitoring is to determine the exposure to these harmful chemicals investigating human biological samples, such as urine or blood.

The National Public Health Center joined the HBM4EU project ( https://www.hbm4eu.eu ) in 2018, the goal of which, among others, is to harmonize human biomonitoring methods on the European level, collecting new and already existing biomonitoring data, and supporting the work of decision makers.

An effective way of reducing the environmental burden of disease is to distribute awareness-raising materials among the public. Therefore, the National Public Health Center is launching a series of such materials in order to raise the awareness of the public of harmful materials and to provide help in avoiding these pollutants.

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