Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2003, Vol. 9, No 4


Proceedings of the 5th Regional Conference on Environment and Food Quality of the Danube–Kris–Mures–Tisa Euroregion

     Biljana Škrbić

Environmental and Social Conditions and the Health Status of the Ethnic Minorities in the Hungarian Part of the Danube–Kris–Mures–Tisa Euroregion
     Mária Kómár, Borbála Belec, Edit Paulik, and László Nagymajtényi

Serological Markers of Hepatitis Viruses in Patients and Contacts from a Low Prevalence Population in South Hungary in 1994–2001
Ildikó Seress
, Younes Ali Saleh, Judit Brojnás, György Berencsi, and László Nagymajtényi

Acute Effects of Lead and Mercury on the Central and Peripheral Nervous System in Rats Pretreated with Alcohol
     László Pecze, András Papp, and László Nagymajtényi

Dietary Approach to Improve Nickel-Induced Allergic Contact Dermatitis
     Persa Ghiţulescu, Virgil Feier, Smaranda R. Goţia, Caius Solovan, Corneluţa Fira-Mladinescu, Dragoş Teodorescu-Brînzeu, and Oana Roşca

Possible Effects of Depleted Uranium (DU): I. Changes in Cellular and Biochemical Values in Peripheral Blood of Ruminants in Exposed Areas
     Tatjana P. Božić, Jelka Ž. Stevanović, Milica M. Kovačević-Filipović, Sunčica Z. Borozan, Dragana Lj. Popović, and Dragana J. Todorović

Possible Effects of Depleted Uranium (DU): II. Damage of Liver and Kidney Malfunction in Animals of Exposed Areas
     Gordana N. Gadjanski-Omerović, Suncica Z. Borozan, Tatjana P. Božić, and Dragana LJ. Popović

Methods to Assess Intake of Depleted Uranium
     Rajko M. Spaić, Branka A. Djurović, and Vesna M. Spasić-Jokić

Superoxide Dismutase Activity in Intact, Extracted, or Calcium Depleted Raw Cow Milk
     Dragana Filipović, Jelena Kasapović, Snežana Pejić, Ana Nićiforović, Snežana B. Pajović, and Marija B. Radojčić

Metals and Organochlorinated Insecticides in Refined Sunflower Oil
     Vjera Lj. Vukša, Etelka B. Dimić, Biljana D. Škrbić, and Dragan V. Tešanović

Determination of Selenium in Sunflower Seed by Chronopotentiometric Stripping Analysis Using Mercury Film Electrode
     Jaroslava V. Švarc-Gajić, Zvonimir J. Suturović, Nikola J. Marjanović, and Snežana Ž. Kravić

Heavy Metals and Inorganic Cations in Soil and Sugar Beet Pulp in Northern Serbia
     Julianna F. Gyura, Nada K. Filipović, Biljana Škrbić, Zita I. Šeres, and Svetlana D. Ćupić

Natural Mineral Waters on the Serbian Market
     Nada R. Miljević, Dušan D. Golobočanin, Jasminka D. Joksić, and Aleksandra A. Žujić

The Role of Macrophytes in Monitoring the Impact of Heavy Metal Effluents on the Aquatic Environment
     Slobodanka P. Pajević, Žarko S. Kevrešan, Snežana B. Radulović, Dragan V. Radnović, Mirjana S. Vučković, and Milan N. Matavulj

Effect of Different Cadmium Concentrations on Cadmium Retranslocation into the Reproductive Organs in Pea of Different Ages
     Žarko S. Kevrešan and Novica M. Petrović

Uranium Mobility in Soils Contaminated with Depleted Uranium
     Mirjana Radenković, Dragana Djordjević, Jasminka Joksić, Svetlana Djogo, Petar Pfendt, and Jagoš Raičević

Some Heavy Metals in Surface Soils of Novi Sad, Serbia
     B. D. Škrbić, J. Dj. Cvejanov, N. L. Djurišić-Mladenović, and S. D. Čupić

Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewaters by Adsorption onto Wood Sawdust
     Marina B. Šćiban and Mile T. Klašnja

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