Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1999, Vol. 5, No 2



Health Risk of Unemployment
     György Ungváry, Veronika Morvai and Imre Nagy

Original papers

Long-term Hemopoiesis and Immunity Status after Chronic Radiation Exposure of Red Bone Marrow in Humans
     Alexander V. Akleyev, Galina A. Veremeyeva, Larisa A. Silkina and Alexander V. Vozilova

X-ray Medical Diagnositics as a Risk Factor for Myeloid Leukemia in Bulgarian Population
     Nina Chobanova and Antonina Bayrakova

Exposures in Excess of the Background Level Received by the Bulgarian Population as a Result of Mining and Milling of Uranium Ores
     Liuben B. Yonchev and Georgy Vasilev

Premature Chromosome Condensation Frequencies in Human Peropheral Blood Lymphocytes in vitro Treated with Melphalan
     Jenõ Major, Mátyás G. Jakab and Anna Tompa

The Synergistic Effect of Smoking Habit and Lead Exposure on Iron and Steel Workers
     Alia Abdel Shakour and Amal Saad

Potential Health Effects of Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds Occurence of Natural Origin in Thermal Water
     Mahmoud A. Hassanien, Gyula Dura and Zoltán Kárpáti

The Microbial and Chemical COntents of Street Dust under the Size of 45 Microns
     Alia Abdel Shakour, Abdel Hameed A. Awad and M. I. Khoder

Statistical Aspects of Toxicokinetics in Dynamic Systems: an Inhalation Study of Propylene in Rats
     Klaus Golka, Michale Becka, Hermann M. Bolt and Wolfgang Urfer

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Posted: 12 December 1999