Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1998, Vol. 4, No 4


Reproduction Effect of Ethylene Oxide in Health Care Employees
Éva Szakmáry, György Ungváry

Neurobehavioral Effects of Low Level Solvent Exposures in a Foundry
Tanja Sethre, Thomas Läubli, Michael Riediker, Markus Hangartner, Helmut Krueger

Estimating Environmental Concentrations of Pesticides and Hazard Categories Using Exposure Modelling
Gyula Dura, Veska Kambourova, Kosta Vassilev, Maria Tasheva, Lubomir Simeonov

Comparative Hazard Assessment of Pesticides to the Aquatic Life Using Estimated Concentrations
Veska Kambourova, Lubomir Simeonov, Gyula Dura, Kosta Vassilev, Maria Tasheva

Catecholamines and 11-Oxycorticosteroid Excretion Rates in Working Women
Katia K. Vangelova

Radiosensitivity of Young and Adult Subjects
Alexander Vaglenov, E. Carbonell

On the Evaluation of Ambient Air Asbestos Pollution Near an Industrial Source
Stanka I. Deneva, Virgil I. Dimov, Vassil V. Kapurdov, Kamen G. Kamchev, Raina Tz. Goranova, Mimka G. Kotseva

Assessment of the Working Conditions of Seamen on Chemical Cargo Tankers
Stefana Yaneva, Teodor I. Panev, Todor A. Popov, Anna K. Michailova, Tzveta P. Georgieva

Correlation Between Germ Count Values and Meteorological or Chemical Air Pollution Data
Muftah Khalifa Kilani, Kanjo Abdul Hamid

Validity of the Threshold Limit Value of Malathion for Chronically Exposed Industrial Workers in Egypt
Fahmy Charl Fahmy, Mahmoud F. El-Sharkawy, Kamal H. Noweir, Mohamed Moselhi

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Posted: 2 March 1999