Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1998, Vol. 4, No 3



József Fodor
    Zoltán Virágh 

Review Article

Upper Extremity Musculosceletal Disorders: Occupational Association and a Model for Prevention
    John C. Rosecrance and Thomas M. Cook 

Original Papers

A Comparison of Work-Related Musculosceletal Disorders Among Operating Engineers in the United States and Slovakia
    Chris L. Zimmermann, Karol M. Hatiar, Thomas M. Cook 

Biological Hazard in the Health Care Environment: the Italian Approach
    Denise Garavini, Giuseppe Fracchia and Giuliano Franco 

Angiosarcoma of the Liver in Workers Professionally Exposed to Vinyl Chloride (in Slovakia)
    Ján Bátora, Karol Schmidt, Jozef Kubík and Pavel Jakubis 

Environmental Asbestos Exposure: Distribution of the Fibres in the Lungs
    Stanka I. Deneva, Kolio C. Kolev and Basil I. Kapurdov 

Bacterial Indicators of Pollution at Szentendre Island Sediments - Comparative Study
    El-Ghoddi, A. Nasser, Márialigeti, K. and Némedi, L. 

1-Hydroxypyrene as Biomarker of Carcinogenesis in Steel Factory Workers
    Jacek Belowski, Roza Kubiak, Jerzy Szczeklik, Ewa Smolik, Danuta Mielzynska, Monika Baj and Anna Czczesna 

Acute Effects of Exposure to 360 ppm Isopropanol on Healthy Men
    Axel Muttray, Detlev Jung, Dirk-Matthias Rose, Gerhard Hommel and Johannes Konietzko 

Cataract Extractions in a Hungarian Ophthalmology Clinic - a Follow-up of 1997
    Judit Szabó, Mária Bausz, Orsolya Ispán, Ildikó Süveges and László D. Szabó 

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Posted: 17 November 1998