Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1996, Vol. 2, No 4


Editorial Review

Chernobyl: Review of Consequences after 10 Years
    György Köteles 

Review Article

Occupational Respiratory Diseases in Hungary - Some Experiences in the Last 40 Years
    András Mándi 

Original Papers

HPRT Mutation frequencies in Control Human Population in Hungary
    Mátyás G. Jakab, Jenõ Major and Anna Tompa 

Use of Micronucleus Test for Screening the Potential Genotoxicity of Polluted Water
    Magdalene Kosz-Vnenchak, Katarzyna Rokosz, Anna Szuster and Róza Kubiak 

On the Natural Radioactivity of Waters in Hungary
    Zsolt Kasztovszky, Rudolf Kuczi and Pável Szerbin 

Objective Toxicity Classification of Chemicals on the Basis of the Statistical Analysis of Lethal doses and Concentration Curves
    Konstantin K. Sidorov and Igor V. Sanotsky 

UV-B Monitoring Network in Hungary
    Zénó Kuluncsics and Pál Gróf 

Acute Changes in Human EEG after Exposure to Low Doses of Oxydemeton Methyl
    Axel Muttray, Frank Padberg, Detlev Jung, Hans R. Rohlfing, Monika Schulz and Johannes Konietzko 

Occupation and Pulmonary Emphysema
    Bengt Sjögren, John Carstensen, Lars-Gunnar Hörte and Nils Plato 

Case Report

Raynaud's Phenomenon of Occupational  Origin Caused by Bush-cutter Equipment Mounted on a Tractor
    Tibor Kákosy, János Martin, Marianna Lászlófy and Attila Székely 

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