Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2007, Vol. 13, No 34


Professor Ungváry is 70 years old

Transforming Factory Health Care into Occupational Health Care, and the Current Issues of Occupational Health Care in Hungary
     György Ungváry

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
     Katalin Sas

Hyperthyroidism among Galvanization Workers Due to Exposure to Zinc Fumes
     Sahar A. Farahat, Laila A. Rashed, Aisha M. Samir, and Dalia M. Abdel Hamid

Testing a Set of Bioprotectors against the Genotoxic Effect of a Combination of Ecotoxicants
     Boris A. Katsnelson, Oleg H. Makeev, Natalya I. Kochneva, Larissa I. Privalova, Tamara D. Degtyareva, Vitaliy A. Bukhantsev, Vitaliy V. Minin, Olga Yu. Beresneva, Tatiana V. Slyshkin, Svetlana V. Kostyukova, Evgeniy S. Kulikov, and Evgeniy I. Dovzhenko

Attenuation of Some Adverse Health Effects of Chrysotile Asbestos with a Bioprotective Complex in Animal Experiments
     Larissa I. Privalova, Boris A. Katsnelson, Marina P. Sutunkova, Irina E. Valamina, Olga Yu. Beresneva, Tamara D. Degtyareva, and Olga S. Yeremenko

The Impact of Antioxidant Supplementation on Improving Antioxidant Status among Egyptian Porcelain Workers Exposed to Benzene
     Khadiga S. Ibrahim and Zeinab A. Saleh

Serum Paraoxonase 1 (PON1) Activity and Genotype in Occupationally Lead-Exposed Egyptian Workers
     Manal Kamal, Mona M. Fathy, Mohamed Elkhatib, Manal Hasan, and Sherein S. Ghaleb

Functional Neurotoxic Effects of Heavy Metal Combinations Given to Rats during Pre- and Postnatal Development
     Anita Lukács and Andrea Szabó

Improving Environmental and Economic Performances of Clay Brick Industry in Egypt by Using Natural Gas as Alternative Fuel
     Inas A. Saleh and Ahmed F. Mandour

Nitrate Pollution of Wells in the Villages along Niraj (Nyárád) River
     Zoltán Hajdu and György Füleky

Screening Potential of Vibrio Fischeri Bioluminescence-Inhibition Bioassay for Assessing Cyanobacterial Toxicity
     Nora Kováts, András Ács, Tünde Kovács, Gábor Vasas, László Hiripi, and Gábor Paulovits

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