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Koronavírus 2019. lakossági tájékoztatók

The aim of the new regulations - that entered into force on the 15th July 2020 - on entering the country is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus from other countries. In order to reduce the risk, the Chief Medical Officer of the National Public Health Center, Dr. Cecília Müller prepared the list of the countries marked with red, yellow and green colours in a regulation. This list was determined by the recent epidemic situation, the number and the tendency of confirmed cases (i.e. people infected with the coronavirus), the surveillance and the status of the national health care systems of the countries. The Chief Medical Officer of the National Public Health Center continuously follows the actual epidemic situation in the foreign countries, and she revises and modifies the ranking of the countries if needed.

While entering Hungary, both Hungarian and non-Hungarian citizens must be examined at the borders and they must tolerate this medical examination. The Hungarian citizens returning from countries marked with red or yellow will be placed to home quarantine by the authorities. There is an exception to this rule: in case if a person presents the negative results of 2 PCR tests - adequate with the professional healthcare rules - made with the difference of at least 48 hours, that are made not later than 5 days before entering Hungary and these results can be confirmed by documents in English or in Hungarian. If the person does not have the confirmation of a PCR test, it is redeemable with two PCR tests made in Hungary within 48 hours. If the traveller arrives from a country marked with yellow to Hungary then after the first negative PCR test he or she will be excempted from the quarantine obligation on condition that the person gets the second test done. Hungaraian citizens  arriving from countries marked with red can only be exempted from the quarantine obligation by having two negative PCR tests.

In case of non-Hungarian citizens arriving from countries marked with yellow to Hungary an epidemic observation is not necessary if they can prove with a document in English or Hungarian that within 5 days before entering Hungary they get 2 tests were made and both of the results are negative. Citizens coming from countries marked with red are not allowed to enter Hungary.  There is only an exception to the rule according the act and these are the cases that deserve special appreciation.

Those who can prove authentically with a document (for example positive PCR test result, certification set out by the authority or medical provider ) in English or in Hungarian that in the last 6 months they got over COVID-19 can enter Hungary without any restrictions.

Those that can prove with either a Hungarian or English language document that they have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 6 months (e.g.: PCR test results, verification by a health service provider or authority) can enter Hungary without restrictions.

Those who need to be tested due to international travel can request sampling through their general practitioner, if the person is in quarantine then from the general practitioner responsible for the given area, by July 31, 2020. The PCR tests performed 48 hours apart are requested by the general practitioner from the National Ambulance Service. The request form has to include the following text:”travel-related sampling”. After taking the samples, the National Ambulance Service then transports them to the health service provider designated by the National Public Health Center.

PCR tests can be performed with government financing by the end of July in the designated laboratories. The government is going to cover the costs of every test until July 31; however, following that date every person will have to bear the costs of their own testing. The appropriate PCR test can be performed in any laboratory that is licensed to perform microbiology laboratory diagnostic activities. The result of the test is uploaded to the EESZT system, from where it can be downloaded by the general practitioner or the client. The laboratory also sends the results to the client even if the client is a foreigner.

An exemption from quarantine can be requested for approval – the fee of the request is 3000 forint per person – from the local government authority.

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