Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2002, Vol. 8, No 4


Urinary Iodine Concentration and Thyroid Volume in Schoolchildren of Sofia: Evaluation of Effectiveness of Salt Iodization
     Ludmila B. Ivanova, Ralitza B. Ivanova, Plamen S. Dimitrov, Rusana D. Kovatcheva, and Boyan S. Lozanov

Cytogenetic and Clinical Laboratory Investigation of Participants in the Decontamination of Depleted Uranium-Contaminated Terrain in Serbia and Montenegro
     Snežana Milačić, Dubravka Jovičić, and Radomir Kovačević

Analysis of Chromosomal Aberrations, Micronuclei, and Sister Chromatid Exchanges in Lymphocytes of Workers of a Phosphate Fertilizer Factory
     Mehdi Ghiassi-Nejad, Roshan Varzegar, Farideh Zakeri, and Siamak Rasouli-Nejad

Endogenous Oxidative DNA Base Damage in Lymphocytes of Patients with Familial Mediterranean Fever
     Rouben M. Arutyunyan, Andrew Collins, Galina G. Hovhannisyan, Elena Ghazanchyan, and Armen K. Nersesyan

Microbiological Hygienic Quality of Playground Sand
     Wolfgang Kohnen, Susanne Teske-Keiser, Rainer Arneth, Lothar Wendel, Dieter Kopp, Harald Mayer, and Bernd Jansen

Decreasing the Level of Heavy Metals by Aerobic Treatment of Tannery Wastewater
     Hussein I. Abdel-Shafy, Werner Hegemann, Harm Schenck, and Andreas Wilke

Developmental Toxicity of Orally Administered Vanadium Pentoxide in Rats and Rabbits
     Éva Szakmáry, Miklós Náray, Erzsébet Tátrai, Aranka Hudák, and György Ungváry

Low Doses of Dimethylsulfoxide: Radioprotective and Cellular Properties
     Sergey A. Bajinyan, Margarita H. Malakyan, Ashot M. Dallakyan, Artashes S. Poghosyan, and Shiraz A. Markaryan

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