Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2002, Vol. 8, No 1


Review Article

Water Issue in Egypt: Resources, Pollution and Protection Endeavors
     Hussein I. Abdel-Shafy and Raouf O. Aly


Health Status of Slovak Members of Balkan Peacekeeping Mission Potentially Exposed to Depleted Uranium
     Jana Buchancová, Oto Osina, L'udovít Mušák, Mária Kernová, Dušan Meško, and Rudolf Pullmann

Male Endocrin Dysfunction in Lead Smelter Workers
     Khadiga Salah Ibrahim and Safia Bechir Ahmed

Short Communications

Micronuclei and Other Nuclear Anomalies in Exfoliated Buccal and Uterine Cervical Cells of Healthy Armenian Women
     Armen K. Nersesyan, Nina S. Vartazaryan, and Rouben M. Arutyunyan

Does Overpressure in the Workplace Influence the Development of Vibration-induced Osteoarticular Lesions of the Upper Limbs?
     Tibor Kákosy, László Németh, Marianna Lászlóffy, and Balázs Hazay

Fibrinogen Concentrations in Aluminium Smelter Workers
Results from the WOLF Study

     Bengt Sjögren, Anders Knutsson, Helena Bergström, Evy Fellenius, Bo Fernström, Dan Isling, and Monica Söderholm

Workshop Report

IFCS Regional Meeting of the Central and Eastern Countries Held in Budapest,
May 2324, 2002 Summary Record

Approximation of Health Systems to EU Requirements

Chemical Safety Information System in Hungary
     Zsolt Fehér, László Tomsics, Judit Sessler, and András Csákány

Instruction for Contributors


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