Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2000, Vol. 6, No 4


Bahia Declaration of Chemical Safety

Invited review

Strain as a determinant factor in the differential responsiveness of rats to chemicals
     Sam Kacew, Zadok Ruben, and Robert F. McConnell

Medical preparedness for radiological accidents in the Czech Republic and selected case reports of radiation victims treated at the Prague Health Center
     Zdenka Fenclová, Daniela Pelclová, Vladislav Klener, and Jindriška Lebedová

Recall of reproductive history in agricultural workers
     Grazia Petrelli, Irene Figá-Talamanca, Franco Taggi

Induction of DNA and cytogenetic damage in lymphocytes of Polish workers exposed to pesticides
     A. Cebulska-Wasilewska, A. Wierzewska, W. Dyga, Z. Drag, C. Siffel, M. Horváth, and W. Au

HPRT mutation frequencies in benzene-exposed oil refinery workers during an eleven-year-long follow-up study
     Jenö Major, Mátyás G. Jakab and Anna Tompa

The effect of ionizing radiation on the antioxidant capacity of the human blood
     Gabriella Bognár, Gabriella Mészáros and György J. Köteles

Dose-dependent induction of lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress in blood by subchronic lindane exposure in rats
     Vandana Seth, Rafat S. Ahmed, Basu Dev Banerjee, and Illés Dési

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