Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2000, Vol. 6, No 2-3


Editorial Review

Biological Basis of Radiation Protection: New Aspects
     G. J. Köteles

Proceedings of the 2nd Regional Conference on Environment and Health of the Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisa Euroregion

     László Nagymajtényi

Environmental Fate of Various Herbicides Produced in Hungary
     Rita Földényi, Renáta Rauch, and Zsófia Lengyel

Quality of Drinking Water in the Region of South Backa in 1999
     Marija Jevtic, Biserka Mihajlovic and Milka Popovic

Disinfection and Disinfection Byproducts Formation in Water Treatments
     András Dombi

Environmental Pollution of the Soil at Fuel Storage Sites
     Biljana D. Škrbic, Jovica M. Novakovic, Aleksandar G. Radu, Dušanka I. Miloševic, and Nada R. Miljevic

Affordable Steps to Reduce Air Pollution and Health Impacts in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
     Ruzica M. Nikolic and Branislav B. Todorovic

Ecotoxicology of Diesel Fuel and its Combustion Products
     Gordana T. Hajdukovic and Ruzica M. Nikolic

Radionuclides of Building Materials and Radon Concentrations in Belgrade Dwellings
     Dragana Popovic, Gordana Djuric, Dragana Todorovic and Vesna Spasic-Jokic

Environmental Pollution and Human Health
     Illés Dési and László Nagymajtényi

Balkan Endemic Nephropathy Etiology: A Link to the Geological Environment
     Calin A. Tatu, William H. Orem, Gerald L. Feder, Virgil Paunescu, Victor Dumitrascu, Diana N. Szilagyi, Robert B. Finkelman, Florin Margineanu, and Francisc Schneider

Frequency of Syndrome X in Population of Novi Sad Town
     Budimka Novakovic, Milka Popovic and Marija Jevtic

The Bioavailability of Biomineral Compounds: Nutritional and Pharmacological Significance
     Gabriela Daranyi, Mirela Vincu, Zeno Garban, Adina Avacovici, Camelia Clep, Petru Velciov, Alexandru Rinovetz, and Codrut Selaru

Traditional nutrition: A Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Diseases in the Banat Region of Romania
     Afilon Jompan, Gabriela Daranyi, M. Marginean, Livia Chirita, Ioana Lupsa1, Gabriela Papoe, A. Goia, C. Caraion

Chromosomal Damage at Low-Level Radiation Exposure
     Mihaela Noditi, Laszlo Toro

Non-Auditory Damages of Industrial Noise in Workers of a Textile Factory
     Elena-Ana Pãuncu

Isolation of Microbial Strains Producing (-Lactamases with Extended Spectrum from Hospital Environment
     Roxana Moldovan, Monica Licker, Mihaela Craciunescu, Crengu?a Boer

Studies on the Possible Endocrinological Effects of 50 Hz Electromagnetic Field
     Milica Matavulj, Vesna Rajkovic, Gordana Uscebrka, Tamara Lukac, Dusan Stevanovic, and Bogosav Lazetic

Changes of Antioxidant Enzymes in Aquatic Biota - An Answer to Oil Refinery Spills
     Gordana N. Grubor-Lajsic, Silvana A. Andric, Nebojsa Lj. Andric, Snezana M. Dragisic, Ksenija J. Taski, Bojana Dj. Stanic, Tatjana S. Kostic, and Radmila Z. Kovacevic

Immunotoxicological Investigation of Combined Subacute Propoxur and Heavy Metal (Cd, Pb) Exposure in Rats
     László Institóris, Olga Siroki and László Nagymajtényi

Changes in Certain Dynamic Features of Sensory Evoked Potentials of Rats on Exposure to Metal Xenobiotics
     András Papp, Terken Baydar, Tünde Vezér, and László Nagymajtényi

Memory Effect of Neurotoxic Lead Compounds in Subacute Animal Experiments
     Tünde Vezér, Horst Schulz and László Nagymajtényi

Neurophysiological Changes Caused by Combined Treatment with Heavy Metals and Ethanol in Rats
     László Nagymajtényi, Illés Dési, András Papp, and Tünde Vezér

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