Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1999, Vol. 5, No 3-4



In memoriam Janusz A. Indulski
     Attila Mitsányi

Invited Review

Role of Rat Strain in the Differential Sensitivity to Pharmaceutical Agents and Naturally Occurrin Substances
     S. Kacew and M. F. W. Festing

Lymphocyte Response in Human Population and its Antioxidant Protection Against Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation
     György J. Köteles, Iván Bojtor, Gabriella Bognár and Miklós Ótós

Summertime Ultraviolet Exposure of Cataract and Control Patients: A Proposed Model for Testing the Sunshine Hypothesis
     Judit Szabó, Sándor Gáspár and László D. Szabó

Thyroid Dose Reconstruction for Children with Thyroid Cancer in Belarus
     Zoltán Kis, Katalin Eged and Béla Kanyár

Aerosol Retention in Respiratory Tract of Personnel in Bulgarian Radon Spas and Ore Mines
     Zlatko G. Ivanov

Levels of Dust and Radiation Exposure and Professional Risk Projection Among Former Uranium Miners in Bulgaria
     Zlatko G. Ivanov

On the Hungarian Environmental Effect of the NATO Attacks in Yugoslavia
     Andor Kerekes, Antonio C. Cuellar, Ibolya Maschek and György J. Köteles

Assessement of Trace Elemental Composition of Air Particulate Matter at Hurghada, East Egypt
     Mahmoud A. Hassanien, and Alia A. Shakour

Effect of “Toluene Sniffing” on Pre- and Postnatal Development of Rats
     Éva Szakmáry, György Ungváry, Aranka Hudák, Veronika Morvai and Edit Szépvölgyi

Uptake and Distribution of Cobakt in Rat Ovaries and Pituitary: Acute Effects of Cobalt on Preovulatory Luteinizing Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Prolactin and Progesterone Levels, and on Ovulation in Rats
     Katalin Paksy, Ferenc Olajos, Béla E. Tóth, Miklós Náray, Erzsébet Tátrai and László Huszár

Magnetometric Estimation of Lung Dust Loads by Applying a Reversed Magnetizing Field
     Ferdinand Krutý, Ivan Šimácek and Ján Manka

Preliminary Note

Epidemiological Study in the Surrounding of an Asbestos Factory
     Mária Posgay

Approximation of Laws to EU Regulations

A Comparative Study on the 91/689/EEC Council Directive and Related Legislation and the Hungarian Government Decree No 102/1996 of Hazardous Waste
     Hilda Farkas and Amanda Horváth

Instruction for Contributors

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