Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1999, Vol. 5, No 1


Gene-Environment Interactions (A Challenge for the Future)
     Rosival, L., Trnovec, T. 

Serum and Urine P53 Protein in Bladder Cancer Patients and in Workers Occupationally Exposed to Genotoxic and Mutagenic Dyes
     Janusz A. Indulski, Waldemar Lutz, Bozenna Krajewska 

Chromosome Satellite Association Frequencies in Colchicine Arrested Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Metaphases of Control and Occupationally Exposed Human Donors
     Jenõ Major, Mátyás G. Jakab, Anna Tompa 

Prevalences of Cataract Surgery in Hungary Between 19941997
     Judit Szabó 

The Effect of Millimeter-Range Electromagnetic Waves of Low Intensity on Cellular Membranes
     Sergey Bajinyan, Nikoghos Hovhannisyan, Valery Arakelyan, Arthur Meliksetyan, Levon Gasparyan, 
     Margaret Malakyan 

Evaluation of Carbon Monoxide Exposure in an Integrated Coal Chemical Industry
     Tarun K. Sarkar, Kishore K. Banerjee, Amit K. Sarkar, Amalendu Samanta 

Problems in the Study of Embedded Hazardous Wastes
     H. Farkas, A. Bittó, A. Horváth 

Frequency of Occupational Asbestos Exposure Among Lung Cancer Patients in Hungary A Preliminary Report
     Mária Posgay, András Mándi, György Ungváry, Pál Vadász, Katalin Major, László Németh 

Dimethyl Sulfate: Review of Toxicity
     Adolf Vyskocil, Claude Viau 

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Posted: 03 December 1999