Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1998, Vol. 4, No 2


Editorial Review

The Low Dose Dilemma 
     György Köteles 

Original Papers

High Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT) of Pneumoconioses  
    Ádám Mester, László Németh, Ernõ Makó, Mária Posgay and Katalin Kiss 

Effect of Dietary Fibres Upon Some Serum Minerals (Ca, Mg, Cu, Zn) and Tissue Integrity in Rats with Lead Poisoning  
    Emilia Creteanu, H. Creteanu, Carmen Ionut, C. Puica, L. Tefas and P. Orbai 

Correlation of Plasma Ca, Mg, Cu, Zn levels in Diabetic Rats Treated with Hipogalegin 
    Emilia Creteanu, H. Creteanu, Carmen Ionut, J. Madar, M Tamas 

The Frequency of Premature Chromosome Condensation in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of 400 Control and Occupationally Exposed Human Donors
    Jenõ Major, Mátyás G. Jakab and Anna Tompa 

Epidemiological Study of Thyroid Cancer in Cluj County after Chernobyl: 10 Years Follow-Up  
    Stefania S. Salagean, Rita Burkhardt, Ildikó Mocsy and Nicoleta Muntean 

Bacterial Indicators of Pollution in Danube Water and Sediment  
    El-Ghoddi, A. Nasser, Márialigeti, K. and László Némedi 

Relationship between Water-Soluble and Insoluble Content of the Cement Dust and Existent Control Means  
    Kamal T. Hindy and Ahmed A. A. El-Abssawy 

Outdoor Bacteriological Investigation in Budapest: Description of the Results on Morphological, Physiological, Ecological and Antibiotics Sensitivity  
    Muftah Khalifa Kilani, Kanjo Abdul Hamid 

Investigation of Air Quality in the Industrial Area North Cairo 
    Alia, A. Shakour, Nadia, M. El Taieb, K. Mohamed and Ashraf, S. Zakey 

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Posted: 21 October 1998