Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1998, Vol. 4, No 1


Review Article

Detection of Clastogenic Factors in Oxidative Stress-Associated Diseases. Usefulness of this Assay for the Evaluation of Antioxidants 
    Ingrid Emerit 

Original Papers

Offspring Damaging Mechanism of Arsenic: the Effects of Prenatal Arsenic Exposure on Desmogenic and Chondrogenic Ossification in the Rat 
    György Ungváry, Erzsébet Tátray and Éva Szakmáry 

Low Dose Response Analysis through a Cytogenetic End-Point 
    Iván Bojtor and György Köteles 

Relative Subnarcotic Potency of Solvents Predicted by Partition Coefficients 
    Emil Frantík, Ludmilla Vodicková, Miroslava Hornychová and Michal Nosek 

Investigation of the Total RNA Expression of the Genes C-Myc and P53 in the Testes of Mice Treated with Cadmium 
    András Selypes, Margit Tõkés Füzesi, Péter Serényi and István Ember 

Plasma Lipid Peroxide Level in Workers Exposed to Lead 
    Violeta B. Tenchova, Vera P. Petkova, Sonya D. Pavlova and Yuri P. Simeonov 

Lead Detoxification: the Role of Essential Metals and Metallothionein 
    Zsuzsa Szitányi, Csilla Nemes and Noémi Rozlosnik 

Action of the Negative Air Ions in Moderate Concentration on Laboratory animals Treated with Zinc and Thyram 
    Valeria Laza, Adriana Olinic and Carmen Ionut 

Increasing Number of Cataract Extractions in a Hungarian Ophthalmology Clinic between 1987-1996 
    Judit Szabó, Mária Bausz, Orsolya Ispán, Ildikó Süveges and László D. Szabó 

The Relationship between Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphate in the Cairo Atmosphere 
    Alia A. Shakour, and Ashraf S. Zakey 

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome on Tunnel-Miners 
    Tibor Kákosy, László Németh, Balázs Hazay, Mária Posgay, János Martin and Marianna Lászlóffy 

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Posted: 21 October 1998