Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1997, Vol. 3, No 4


National Profile of Chemical Safety in Hungary. Executive Summary 

Detection and Measurement of Antioxidant Capacity in Human Sera 
    Gabriella Bognár, Miklós Ótos, György J. Köteles 

Cytogenetic Monitoring of Workers Exposed to Lead 
    Alexander K. Vaglenov, Stoyan G. Laltchev, Maria S. Nosko, Sonya P. Pavlova, Vera V. Petkova and Atanas D. Karadjov 

Impact of Different Dose and Size of Industrial Fibrous Dusts on TNF-alfa and IFN-gamma Release 
    Alzbeta Kaiglová, M. Hurbánková 

Chromosomal Aberrations, Hormone Levels and Oxidative Phenotype (P450 2D6) in Low Occupational Lead Exposure  
    Daniela Pelclová, Jana Pícková, Vera Patzelová 

15th National Congress of Occupational Hygiene  

"Imre Pacséry" Memorial Lecture: 
Animal Models for Assessment of Neurotoxicity  
    Kornélia Lehotzky 


Instruction for Contributors  

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