Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1997, Vol. 3, No 3


Subclinical Changes in Urinary Protein Excretion of Renal Cell Cancer Patients: Effect of High Occupational Exposure to Trichloroethylene
    Klaus Golka, Tekla Hartert-Raulf, Wolfgang Schöps, Gerd Kierfeld, Thomas Brüning and Herman M. Bolt 

Effect of the Consumption of Humic Acid with Bound Complex Micro Elements in Cases of Occupational Cadmium Exposure
    Aranka Hudák, Miklós Náray, Imre Nagy and György Ungváry 

Micronucleus Frequencies in Bulgarian Control Populations
    Alexander K. Vaglenov and Atanas Karadjov 

Behavioural and Electrophysiological Changes Caused by Subchronic Lead Exposure in Rats
    László Nagymajtényi, Horst Schulz, András Papp and Illés Dési 

Bahavioural and Electrophysiological Consequences of Subnarcotic Mercury Exposure in Rats
    Horst Schulz, László Nagymajtényi, András Papp and Illés Dési 

Prevalences of Arterial Hypertension in Electric Motor Production Workers
    Kornelia O. Kotseva 

A Field Exercise-Physiological Examination of Fire-fighters Trained for Specific Tasks
    Jenõ Malomsoki, György Téglássy, Miklós Otos, Péter Böhm, János Nyulasi and Csaba Makrai 

Physiological Limits of Exercise in Full-Body Protective Clothing
    János Pórszász, József Tasnádi, Badaoui Bechara, Miklós Ludván and Gábor Galgóczy 


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Posted: 22 October 1998