Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1997, Vol. 3, No 1


Review Article

Transformation of Factory Health Care Service and the First Year Activities of the New Occupational Health Service in Hungary
    György Ungváry, Lajos Béleczki and Éva Grónai 

Original Papers

Evaluation of Exposure to Aromatic Solvents at Workplaces in a Sheet Steel Coating Plant
    Renate Podeu, Matthaus Hiesmayr, Martin Einhaus, Oswald Jahn and Hugo W. Rüdiger 

The Offspring Damaging Effect of Tetrachloro-ethylene in Rats, Mice and Rabbits
    Éva Szakmáry, György Ungváry and Erzsébet Tátrai 

Cytogenetic Monitoring of Workers from a Nuclear Power Plant
    Alexander K. Vaglenov, Veselin V. Bliznakov and Atanas Karadjov 

Effect of NiSO4 on the Ovarian Function in Rats
    Zsolt Forgács, Katalin Paksy, Bertalan Varga, Péter Lázár and Erzsébet Tátrai 

Effects of Methyl Methacrylate on the Sense of Smell
    Axel Muttray, Berhard Schmitt and Ludger Klimek 

The Pattern of Gripping Force During Bus Driving
    János Pórszász, József Tasnádi, István Bereczki and József Varga 

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