Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2018, Vol. 24, No 3-4


Hungary Ratified ILOConvention 161 Thirty Years Ago - the Significance of
Occupational Medicine Specialist Trainingand ContinuingEducation in
the Occupational Health Medical Practice ReplacingFactory Health

     György Ungváry

Radiation Therapy Effects on the Immune System
     Katalin Lumniczky, and Géza Sáfrány

Chemical Safety in Hungary
     Szilvia Deim

Mesothelioma as a Potential Environmental Disease- Medico-Legal Evaluation of
Connection between Mesothelioma and Environmental Factors

     Sándor Kosztya, István Kristóf, Boglárka Marcsa, Eszter Sándor, Evelin Barsi,
Aletta Váradi -Tö rõ, Szilvia Lajos, and Klára Törõ

Mental Health Assessment in One Cluster of the Primary Care Development Model
Programme in Hungary

     Karolina Kósa, Adrienn Hegedüs-Erdõs, Róza Ádány, Magor Papp and János Sándor

Cooperation of Occupational Physicians and Safety Experts as a Central Point of
Good Practice in Health and Safety at Work: Conclusions from the Croatian Seminar

     Jelena Macan, Ivana Kerner,and Azra Huršidić Radulović

Quality of Life of the Second-Generation Roma and non-Roma Unemployed II. - Education Level,
Professional Qualification, Fitness for Work

     György Ungváry, Éva Szakmáry, Ibolya Hegedüs, Péter Rudnai and Veronika Morvai

Do People KnowEnough about Pollen Information in Hungary?
     Tamás Szigeti and Donát Magyar

Case Report:
Professional Pilot Becomes Unfit to Fly on Airplane - Burnout?

     Lilla Ungváry

Case Report:
Distinction Between Work Accident and Occupational Disease

     Marianna Lászlóffy and Károly Jenõ Nagy

The UEMS-OMSection position on the monitoring, prevention and the compensation of
occupational and work-related diseasesn


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