Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2018, Vol. 24, No 1-2


Ignaz Semmelweis Memorial Year

Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, 1818-1865

     György Ungváry

Application, Advantages and Challenges of Human Biomonitoring in Exposure Assessment
as a Part of Human Health Risk Assessment Process including Occupational Settings

     Katarina Kromerova and Vladimir Bencko

Screening for Cancer in Hungary
     Lajos Döbrőssy and Attila Kovács

Norovirus Infections and Preventive Measures
     Iris Nadjo and Vladimir Bencko

The Role of Education in the Quality of Life of Roma Women and Their Families Living in Colonies
and Colony-like Living Environments with Alarming Public Health-Epidemiological Safety,
and the Effect of the Two Settlement Types on the Learning Conditions of Roma Children
in Hungary at the Time of Joining the EU

     Éva Szakmáry, András Paksy, and György Ungváry

Public Health Situation of the Roma and non-Roma Unemployed in a Small Area of Hungary
Densely Populated by Roma People. Summarized Observations of the Research Performed in Ózd Small Area

     György Ungváry, Éva Szakmáry, Ibolya Hegedüs, Veronika Morvai, and Péter Rudnai

Some Data on the Health Status of the Roma and Non-Roma 10-11 Year Old Children
and their Risk Factors according to the National Children’s Respiratory Survey of 2005

     Péter Rudnai, Mihály János Varró, Annamária Mácsik, Renáta Szentmihályi, and Tamás Rudnai

Study of Work–Family Conflict (WFC), Burnout and Psychosocial Health Among Hungarian Educators
     Bettina Piko and Maria Mihalka

Case Report

Contact Allergic Dermatitis in a Dental Technician
     Valéria Kohánka

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