Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2017, Vol. 23, No 1-2


Comparative Analysis of the Burden of Injury and Illness at Work in Selected Countries and Regions
    Jukka Takala, Päivi Hämäläinen, Noora Nenonen, Ken Takahashi, Odgerel Chimed-Ochir, and Jorma Rantanen

Occupational Diseases in Belgium, the Czech Republic and Hungary A Comparison
     Ferenc Kudász, Károly Nagy, and Imre Nagy

Radiological Environmental Monitoring in Hungary Effectuated by the Radiological Monitoring and Data Acquisition Network: Results for Year 2015
     Júlia Kövendiné Kónyi

Assessment of Quality Care of Chronic Illness Patients Living in Roma Colonies and in the General Population: a Comparative Study
     Viktoria Törõ, Attila Sárváry, Péter Takács, Andrea Péter Barkaszi, Lívia György, and Zsigmond Kósa

Overview of the Hungarian Water Hygiene Situation
     Zsuzsanna Bufa-Dõrr, Bernadett Khayer, Tibor Málnási, Tamás Pándics, Eszter Róka, Ágnes Sebestyén, and Márta Vargha

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea among Fishermen
     Dalia Abdallah El-Shafei, Marwa Bayomi Awad Allah, Amira Elsayed Abdelsalam, Nanees Salah Eldeen Ghareeb,
     Ghada Mohamed Salem, Wael Ali Khalil, and Shimaa Ibrahim Amin

Case Reports

Simultaneous Q fever and West Nile Virus Infection: Occupational Disease?
     Judit Vida and Aranka Hudák

Experience of Preliminary Medical Examination of Professional Competence of a Young Man with Autism Spectrum Disorder
     Sarolta Nagy and Sándor Szabó

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