Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2016, Vol. 22, No 1-2


Farewell to Professor Pál Kertai

Target Analysis of Occupational Safety Aiming at Prevention of Infections and Diseases Caused by
Biological Etiological Factors

     Gyula Madarász and Ferenc Nédó

Does Natural Daylight Influence Nocturnal Melatonin Production? A Pilot Study
     Barbara Griefahn and Anja Kraneburg

Estrogenic Activity of Selected Endrocine Disrupting Compounds in tap Water from Vojvodina Province, Serbia
     Biljana D. Škrbić, Mira V. Čelić, and Mira I. Petrović

Working Environment of Higher Education Staff – a Survey at University of Szeged, Hungary
     Veronika Mátó, Klára Tarkó, Krisztina Tóth, László Nagymajtényi, and Edit Paulik

Workability Index Among Ageing Hungarian Workers
     Ferenc Kudász, Krisztina Nagy, Zsófia Kõvágó, and Imre Nagy

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations of Container Handling in the United Arab Emirates
     Anza Elias, Tom Loney, and Balázs Ádám

Health Risk Assessment and its Perception in Environmental Settings: Psychosomatic and Psychosocial Aspects
     Vladimir Bencko and John M. Quinn

Aspects of Health Risk Assessment Related to the Red Sludge Catastrophe in Hungary
     Gyula Dura, Gábor Faludi, Péter Rudnai, Zoltán Szabó, Zoltán Demeter, Brigitta Szalay, and Anna Páldy

In Vivo Effect of 7,12-Dimethylbenz (a) Anthracene on Methylation Patterns of the Promoter Regions of
Tp53 and X-ray Cross Complementing 1 Genes

     István Kiss, István Ember†, László Szabó, László Nyeste, András Tomesz, Richárd Molnár, András Csejtei,  and Zsuzsa Orsós

Short Communication

Occupational Heat Stroke Deaths in Hungary
     Marianna Lászlóffy, Attila Budavölgyi, and Károly Jenõ Nagy

The Role of Diplomacy Regarding International Response to Environmental Health Threats
     Sorin Gurzau and Adrian Liviu Ivan

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