Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2014, Vol. 20, No 3-4


Life Style, Personal Hygienic Habits, Health Status and Fitness for Work of Hungarian and Roma Unemployed
in the ”zd Micro Region

     Ibolya Hegedüs, Veronika Morvai, Péter Rudnai, Éva Szakmáry, András Paksy, and György Ungváry

Sunbed Userís Motivations, Habits and Knowledge on Health Risks - a Follow-up Study
     József Bakos, Péter Pál Necz, Noémi Nagy, and György Thuróczy

Characterization of the Pollen Season by Using Climate Specific Pollen Indicators
     Anna Páldy, János Bobvos, Balázs Fazekas, Gergely Mányoki,
     Tibor Málnási, and Donát Magyar

Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk among Industrial Workers from West Bengal, India
     Majumdar Rumila and Mandal Anindita

Short Communications

Exposition and Risk of Hearing Impairment of Classical Musicians in the Light of
Hungarian and Bibliographical Data

     János Martin, László Mészáros, and Andrea Nagy

Occupational Hygiene Inspection for Determining Temperature Climate Indexes in an Aluminium Casting
and Processing Plant: A Case Report

     Gábor Soltész and Erzsébet Molnár

In the issue of 1-4 of vol. 17 of CEJOEM


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