Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2014, Vol. 20, No 1-2


For the 100th anniversary of the birth of Professor Miklós Tímár
     György Ungváry

From Research to Practice: Development of Occupational Health Services in the Era of Global Changes
     Jorma H. Rantanen

Cellular Indicators of Environmental Effects
     György J. Köteles and Doina C. Obreja

Development of Environmental Health Risk Assessment of Contaminated Sites
     Gyula Dura

Potential Radiation Sensitivity Genes in Primary Human Fibroblasts: A Whole Genome Microarray Study
     Katalin Lumniczky and Géza Sáfrány

Health Impacts of Climate Change in Hungary - A Review of Results and Possibilities to Help Adaptation
     Anna Páldy and János Bobvos

Urban-rural Differences in the Prevalence of Respiratory Symptoms of School Children in Hungary
     Péter Rudnai, Mihály János Varró, Annamária Mácsik, Eszter Tüske-Szabó, Szilvia Középesy, Tamás Rudnai, Renáta Szentmihályi, and Tamás Pándics

Knowledge of Healthcare-Associated Infections among Hungarian Medical Students
     Anita Lukács, Edina Horváth, Andrea Szabó, Zsuzsanna Máté, Anna Müller, and Edit Paulik

Subacute Exposure of Rats to Chromium Containing Nanoparticles via the Airways: Neurological and General Toxicological Effects
     Zsuzsanna Máté, Edina Horváth, Krisztina Kovács, Etelka Tombácz, András Papp, László Nagymajtényi, and Andrea Szabó

Assessment of Health Effects of Ozone, PM2.5 and PM10 in the Šalek Valley (Slovenia) in Comparison with Selected Central European Areas
     Samar Al Sayegh Petkovšek, Zdenka Mazej Grudnik, Tamás Pándics, and Anna Páldy

Public Health Situation of Roma Living in Colonies or Colony-Like Conditions and the Significant Differences Determining Quality of Life of these Two Types of Living Environments in Hungary
     György Ungváry, Éva Szakmáry, Ibolya Hegedüs, Andrea Odor, András Paksy, and Veronika Morvai

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