Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1996, Vol. 2, No 3


Review Article

Factors of Success of the High Coverage of Occupational Health Care of Employees in Finland 
    Helimaki-Aro, Ritva 

Original Papers

Experiences with the Inspection of X-ray Diagnostic Workplaces in the Area of the Radiohygienic Subcentre of Gyõr 
    Ferenc Giczi, László Ballay, Sándor Pellet, Olivér Halmai and Imre Farkas 

Summertime UV Exposure of Hungarian Cataract Patients - a Pilot Study 
    Judit Szabó, Sándor Gáspár, Ibolya Gulyás, Zita Tóth-Bagi and László D. Szabó 

Chronic Low Dose Radiation Exposure and Ocidative Stress in Radiation Workers 
    S. S. Ali, M. B. Bhatt, M. V. Kulkarni, R. Rajan, B. B. Singh, G. Venkataraman and G. Viswanathan 

Environmental Pollution in a Heavy Traffic Related Area in Hungary 
    Mahmoud A. Hassanien, Amanda Horváth, Györgyi Vágvölgyi and Katalin Mudry 

Measuring System and Evaluation Procedure for Environmental Damaging Agencies 
    Károly Módos, Sándor Gáspár and Pál Gróf 

Health Standards for Internationally Recruited Seafarers 
    Stanislaw Tomaszunas 

Offspring Damaging Effect of Nickel in Rat, Mouse and Rabbit 
    Éva Szakmáry, György Ungváry, Miklós Náray, Szabolcs Szeberényi, Erzsébet Tátrai and Veronika Morvai 

Case Report

Xylene Allergy of Occupational Exposure. A Case Report 
    Valéria Kohánka 

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