Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1996, Vol. 2, No 2


Review Article

Cardiovascular Effects of Metals 
    Veronika Morvai 

Original Papers

Heart Rates, Rectal and Skin Temperatures Recorded During Work in Moderate Cold 
    Barbara Griefahn, Alfons Forsthoff and Peter Bröde 

DNA Damaging Effect of Cadmium on Rat Bronchoalveolar Macrophages Detected by Single-cell Gel Electrophoresis 
    Miklós Koller, Mahmoud A. Hassanien, Géza Török, Erzsébet Anda and Alán Pintér 

Morphological and Chemical Analysis in Selected Tissues in Rats after Combined Exposure to Cadmium Sulphate and Benzo(a)pyrene 
    Mahmoud A. Hassanien, Erzsébet Anda, András Surján and Alán Pintér 

Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome Caused by Power Screwdrivers 
    Tibor Kákosy, János Martin, Judit Diner and Attila Székely 

Study on the Patient Dose of Photofluorography in Hungary 
    Ferenc Giczi, Sándor Pellet, László Ballay, Imre Farkas and Olivér Halmai 

Children Blood and Hair Levels in Vác, Hungary 
    Mahmoud A. Hassanien, Amanda Horváth, András Bittó and Anna Páldy 

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