Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2013, Vol. 19, No 1-4


In Memoriam Prof. Dr. István Ember
     István Kiss

Review Article

Use of Real Time Data in Public Health Preparedness
     Anna Páldy, Krisztina Kishonti, Ágnes Drahos, and János Bobvos

Original Articles

Monitoring Children's Blood Lead Level in Hungary
     Gyula Dura, Tamás Pándics, and Péter Rudnai

Effects of Three Natural Antioxidants on the General and Nervous System Toxicity of Manganese Nanoparticles in Rats
     Kitti Sárközi, Viktória Nagy, András Papp, Etelka Tombácz, and Andrea Szabó

Hand Anthropometry and Body Composition of Industrial Workers from West Bengal, India
     Mandal Anindita and Majumdar Rumila

Hungarian Society for Occupational Health and Medicine
33rd Congress
Visegrád, Hungary - September 26-28, 2013

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