Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2009, Vol. 15, No 4


Findings of a Follow-up Health Study of Uranium Miners in Hungary
     György Ungváry, Gábor Galgóczy, György Köteles, Csaba Ruzsa, József Varga, Imre Nagy, Gabriella Bognár, Ernõ Galgóczi, and András Paksy

Occupational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Relation to Exposure
     Erika Ékes and Ferenc Kudász

Necessity of Regular Health Control of Former Asbestos Workers
     Mária Posgay and Kálmán Kardos

Relationship between Intensity of Oxidative Stress and Levels of Metals in Hair among Workers of the Orenburg Gas Chemical Complex
     Sergey I. Krasikov, Alexey N. Tinkov, Alexey A. Tinkov, Olga V. Zakharova, and Natalia V. Sharapova

Genotoxic Effect of Occupational Exposure to Cadmium
     Khadiga S. Ibrahim, Nadia B. Abdel-Gawad, Ahmed Emara, Amal Mahmoud, Mohamed Mansour El-Gowaily, and Mahmoud Hwaihy

Health Hazards among Fire Fighters
     Sawsan Farouk Helal and Dalia Ahmed Aly Labib

Alcohol Poisoning in Teens
     Smaranda Rodica Gotia, Smaranda Laura Gotia, and Nicoleta Filimon

A Comparative Study Regarding the Co-Morbidity of Alcohol Dependence and Personality Disorders
     Daniela M. Ionescu, Simona P. Dragan, Cristina A. Dehelean, Germaine P. Savoiu, Corina T. Serban, and Elena S. Galca

Smoking Involvement in Reactivity of Internal Mammary Artery Vascular Ring in Subjects Submitted to Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
     Lavinia Noveanu, Adrian Sturza, Ovidiu Fira-Mladinescu, Florina Bojin, Adriana Gherbon, Minodora Andor, and Georgeta Mihalas

Microbiological Contamination of Air and Surfaces in Dental Clinics
     Dana Sirbu, Daniela Curseu, Monica Popa, and Andreea Sirbu

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