Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2008, Vol. 14, No 3


Review Article

Lead and Childhood: Risks and their Management (The Middle Urals Experience)
     Boris A. Katsnelson, Larissa I. Privalova, Sergey V. Kuzmin, Olga L. Malykh, Vladimir B. Gurvitch, Sergey A. Voronin, Galina V. Matyukhina, Tamara D. Degtyareva, Alexander P. Marshalkin, Anatoly A. Prokopyev, Svetlana V. Gnezdilova, Ekaterina P. Kireyeva, and Julia I. Soloboyeva

Original Articles

Cytogenetic Study in Tannery Workers and the Synergistic Role of Smoking
     Amal Saad, Saida A. Hammad, Nagat M. Amer, Hend Rashad, and Khaled S. Mohamed

Toxic Nephropathy Biomarkers in Organic Solvents-Exposed Workers: Special Emphasis on Cystatin C and Transforming Growth Factor Beta1
     Manal H. Ahmed, Neveen A. El-Desouky, Laila A. Rashed, and Nermeen A. El-Desouky

Psychological Disorders in Organic Solvents Exposed Workers and the Role of Some Trace Elements
     Amal Saad, Heba Mahdy Abd Allah, Nasser Mohamed Abdel-Latif, and Inas Ali Saleh

Neurotoxic Effects of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles on the Somatosensory System of Rats Following Subacute Intratracheal Application
     Leila Sárközi, Edina Horváth, Andrea Szabó, Endre Horváth, András Sápi, Gábor Kozma, Zoltán Kónya, and András Papp

Probability of Causation Between Cancer and Occupational Exposure among Nuclear Workers in Bulgaria
     Nina Chobanova and Jana Djounova

Study on Environmental Health Risk Perception of the Population - A Case Study
     Gyula Dura, Tamás Pándics, Brigitta Reizer, Péter Rudnai, and Pawel Gorynski

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