Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2007, Vol. 13, No 1


Review Article

Radon Risk in Spas?
     György J. Köteles

Original Articles

Cytogenetic Monitoring of Radiological and Nuclear Worker
     Doina C. Obreja, Gabriella Bognár, Katalin Szalma, and György J. Köteles

Adaptive Response of Gamma-Irradiated Lymphocytes in Human Population
     Gabriella Bognár, Katalin Szalma, Miklós Ótos, and György J. Köteles

Effect of Occupational Exposure to Silica Dust on the Thyroid Gland in Ceramic Workers
     Safia Beshir Ahmed, Hesham Mohamed Aziz, and Safaa Mohamed Elserougy

Bladder Lesions in Tannery Workers
     Amal Saad and Safia Beshir

Determinants of Disability among Elderly Population in Rural Minia, Egypt
     Eman M. Mahfouz and Hala AwadAllah

Profile and Source Identification of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Dust Deposited on Leaves of Street Trees as Indicators of Air Pollution Sources in Cairo
     Mamdouh Ibraheim Khoder

Air Quality in Dublin Pubs before and after the Introduction of the Workplace Smoking Ban in Ireland
     Goodman, P. G., McCaffrey, M., McLaughlin, J., and Kelleher, K.

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