Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2005, Vol. 11, No 2


Proceedings of the 6th Regional Conference on Environmental Medicine and Health of the Danube–Kris–Mures–Tisa Euroregion

     Francisc Schneider and Calin Tatu

Application of Chemometrics in Environmental Research: Characterization of Wheats from Various Regions According to their Microelement Content
     Biljana Škrbić, Svetlana Čupić, and Antonije Onjia

Food as a Potential Source of Consumer’s Nitric Stress
     Hortensia Radulescu, Daniela Micu, and Georgeta Burtica

Organochlorine Contaminants in Some Agricultural Products from Serbia
     Biljana Škrbić, Julijana Gyura, Zita Šereš, and Nataša Djurišić-Mladenović

Tobacco Smoke: Methodology for Assessing the Exposure
     Gerhard Scherer

Changes in Prooxidant/Antioxidant Status of Hyperthyroid Rats Treated with Selenium
     Adela Elena Joantă, Simona Valeria Clichici, Gabriela Adriana Filip, and Sanda Andrei

Contribution of Sorption to the Behavior of Natural Radionuclides in the Environment
     Mihaela T. Bragea

Biomarkers of Certain Environmental Neurotoxicants: An Overview
     András Papp, Andrea Szabó, Zsuzsanna Lengyel, and László Nagymajtényi

Acute Effects of Two Mitochondrial Toxins, 3-Nitropropoinic Acid and Malonic Acid, on the Spontaneous and Evoked Cortical Activity in Rats
     Andrea Szabó, Zita Fazakas, András Papp, and László Nagymajtényi

Functional Neurotoxic Effects to Acute Application of Malonic Acid in Rats
     Zita Fazakas, Andrea Szabó, Zsuzsanna Lengyel, and László Nagymajtényi

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