Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2005, Vol. 11, No 1


Review Article

Molecular Epidemiologic Markers: A New Concept in the Preventive Medicine with Special Attention to the Prevention of Cancer
     István Ember, Árpád Németh, Csaba Varga, Pál Perjési, István Arany, Katalin Fehér, Katalin Németh, Zsuzsanna Dombi, and István Kiss

Elevated Gene Expression in Peripheral Leukocytes as a Biomarker of Pharyngolaryngeal Tumour Patients

     Árpád Németh, István Szanyi, Zsuzsanna Dombi, Zsolt Csontos, József Pytel, Gyula Göbel, Miklós Bauer, and Ágoston Ember

Lymphocyte Micronucleus Frequencies in Children Living in Lead-Polluted Environment
     Doina C. Obreja, Gabriella Mészáros, Rodica Tulbure, Gabriella Bognár, Eugen S. Gurzau, and György. J. Köteles

Physical and Leisure Activities in Various Groups of Children in Catania (Italy)
     Marina Marranzano, Agata Ursino, Antonio Mistretta, Grazia M. Villari, and Luisa Mauro

Comparison of the “Instability of Pyramids of Stress (IPS)”, the “Job Strain (JS)”, and the “Effort–Reward Imbalance (ERI)” Models: Assessing Occupational Health and Work Environment Stressors in Dentists and Cleaners
     Reza Emdad

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