Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2004, Vol. 10, No 4


Trends in Hospitalization Rates of Childhood Asthma in Poland
     Wieslaw Jędrychowski, Bodgan Vojtyniak, Krystina Szafraniec, and Pawel Gorynski

Dose-Response Relationship between Maternal Involuntary Tobacco Smoking and Various Birth Outcomes
     Wieslaw Jędrychowski, Robin Whyatt, Frederica Perera, Elzbięta Flak, Wojciech Pabian, Irena Kaim, and Elzbięta Mroz

Effect of Lead on Immune Status of Occupationally Exposed Workers
     Safia Bechir Ahmed and Khadiga Salah Ibrahim

Childhood Cytogenetic Reference Values
     Gabriella Bognár, Gabriella Mészáros, Katalin Szalma, Péter Brunner, Katalin Lelkes, and György J. Köteles

Workplace Microclimatic and Indoor Radon Concentration Values at the VINČA Research Reactor RA, Belgrade
     Radmila M. Lučić, James P. McLaughlin, and Zora S. Žunić

Hepatic Health Hazards of Occupational Exposure to the Products of Polyurethane Thermal Degradation
     Amal Saad, Mohga S. Abd-Alla, El-Sayed A. El-Desokky, Hayat M. Sharada, and Mohamed M. Fouad

Short Communication

Epithelial Irritation Effect of 1-Bromopropane, an Alternative Solvent to Chlorofluorocarbons
     Ágnes Pálovics

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