Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2004, Vol. 10, No 3


Mechanisms of Formation of Ionising Radiation-Induced Chromosome Aberrations
     A. T. Natarajan

Through the Hills and Valleys of Radiation Biology in Hungary
     György J. Köteles

Dose Dependence of Latent Times after Radiotherapy
     Mohi Rezvani

The Transgenerational Mutagenic and Carcinogenic Effect of Ionising Radiation
     Ildikó Klementis, Katalin Lumniczky, Enikö Kis, Tünde Szatmári, Sára Antal, and Géza Sáfrány

Radiation Exposure of Medical Staff due to 131I Therapy of Hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Cancer
     Andor Kerekes, Sándor Szakács, Teréz Séra, István Sinkovics, Sándor Pellet, and László Pávics

Indices of Thyroid Function and Antibodies in Occupationally Lead-Exposed Workers in Egypt
    Mohamed Mahmoud El Batanouni, Sanaa Sayed Abd-El Shafi, Sanaa Aboul Rizk, Noha Mohamed Hegazi, Ahmed Hussein Abd El-Karim, and Heba Mahdy Abd-allah

Hemodynamic Effects of Uranyl Acetate in Pregnant Rats
     Veronika Morvai, Éva Szakmáry, and György Ungváry

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