Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
2004, Vol. 10, No 2


Review Article

Power Frequency Magnetic Field Exposure and Childhood Leukemia – Epidemiologic Evidence and Research Perspectives
     Gábor Mezei and Robert Kavet

Acute and Subchronic Effects of Short and Long Asbestos and Wollastonite Fibres in the Lung of Rats
     Marta Hurbánková, Alzbeta Kaiglová, Petra Gergelová, and Ladislava Wsólowá

Effect of Aluminium on Bone Mineralisation and Parathormone Level in Aluminium-exposed Egyptian Workers
     Safia Behir Ahmed and Khadiga Salah Ibrahim

Hemodynamic Effect of Uranyl Acetate in Male Rats
     Veronika Morvai, Éva Szakmáry, Erzsébet Tátrai, and György Ungváry

Embryotoxic and Teratogenic Effects of Sodium Molybdate in Rats
     Éva Szakmáry, György Ungváry, and Veronika Morvai

Validity of Raunkiaer’s Rule in Epidemiology
     János Izsák, Csaba Siffel, and Aldo Rosano

Short Communication

CMF Treatment-induced Changes of Gene Expression in Peripheral Leukocytes of Breast Cancer Patients
     Lajos Zsolt Faluhelyi, Árpád Németh, Imre Ródler, András Csejtey, Attila Kvarda, and László Bujdosó

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