Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
1995, Vol. 1, No 4


Prof. MUDr. Milos Nosál' - octogenerian
    Ferdinand Kruty

Work-Related Musculoskeletal and Mental Disorders
    Frank J. H. van Dijk

Healthy Worker Effect as a Methodological Issue in Mortality and Morbidity Studies
    Piroska Östlin

Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Dangerous Occupations (on an Example of Hot Working Forgers)
    Nikolai F. Izmerov and Valeriy I. Kharitonov

Kinetics and Toxicology
    László Magos

Metals, Metalloids and Immunity. Methodical Approaches and Group Diagnosis
    Vladimír Bencko and Vladimír Wagner

Occupational Lung Diseases
    Wolfgang T. Ulmer

Abstracts of the XIII. National Congress of the Hungarian Society for Occupational Health (with international participants). Part I.

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